Humboldt Palais

Bauhofstraße 1 , 10117 Berlin


*The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it … I can resist everything but temptation.
With its classic modern architecture, the Humboldt Palais is an attractive feature that fits successfully and respectfully into the modern aesthetics of its surroundings. The geometric pattern of the light-coloured natural stone façade plays with projections and recesses thus creating effects of light and shade resulting in the lively façade design. Generously-sized glazed surfaces provide a wonderful view and flood the Palais interiors with natural light and brightness. External sunscreens artfully integrated into the façade provide effective protection from the sun and offer privacy.

The fixtures & fittings are characterized by select quality and attractive design. Individual variations of the interiors accentuate the distinct character and style of the residents. The spacious roof terraces of the penthouses open up a unique view across Berlin.

The ground floor of the elegant Palais contains 2 generously-sized commercial units with prestigious space for upmarket utilisations.

Facilities / Services:

  • 26 apartments
  • 3 commercial units on the ground floor
  • Residential and commercial space: approximately 2,700 sqm
  • 18 underground parking spaces
  • Completion: 1st quarter of 2013.


Bauhofstraße 1, 10117 Berlin


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