Listed warehouses in Spandau: BUWOG completes refurbishment on the banks of the Havel


The refurbishment of the listed warehouses on the banks of the Havel in Berlin-Spandau has been completed. BUWOG invested a total of EUR 40 million in the project.

The historic warehouses are a landmark of Spandau, opposite the island of Eiswerder, north of the Spandau Citadel. Imperial-style warehouses from the 1930s, the buildings had been empty for years and the site lay fallow. In 2019, BUWOG began refurbishing the two southern warehouses in accordance with preservation requirements. After two years of construction, new occupants are moving into the 82 two- to five-room apartments developed in the two southern warehouses.

Eva Weiß, managing director of BUWOG Bauträger GmbH:

“We are satisfied with the good progress made in this listed property’s technically and conceptually challenging refurbishment. Planning for a high level of architectural quality made it possible to undertake careful changes in design in line with the preservation requirements and thus transform the warehouses into attractive new residential space.”

Now the residents also have balconies facing the waterfront, as the Monument Authority permitted this change to the original appearance. From here there is a view of the river Havel, which is about 150 metres wide at this point.The entire BUWOG SPEICHERBALLETT development will continue to grow until 2026. The northern, windowless warehouse was demolished in consultation with the Monument Authority and is currently being rebuilt on the basis of a historic footprint on a floor slab around 100 years old – an important contribution to the sustainable recycling of raw materials. To the south of the warehouses, construction for the BUWOG HAVELKIESEL development will be completed by summer 2022. The rooftops of these partially rounded buildings are equipped with photovoltaics, while rainwater is stored and can be used for garden irrigation and flushing toilets. On the construction site east of Parkstraße, the number of buildings for rentals is increasing at present: a total of 262 one- to four-room rental apartments are being constructed there in six buildings, with completion expected in summer 2023. Three quarters of the flats will be barrier-free, while a neighbourhood kindergarten as well as playgrounds and recreation areas are also planned.


BUWOG now looks back on 70 years of expertise in the residential property business and currently has a development pipeline of around 32,000 residential units. BUWOG is a subsidiary of Vonovia SE, Europe’s leading residential company, which is located in Bochum (Germany), and has an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001.


Michael Divé
Press spokesperson for Germany
BUWOG Bauträger GmbH
T: +49 159 04 62 19 93


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