We Take Responsibility

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The support of different social projects is an elementary part of BUWOG's social engagement.

Thus we especially take responsibility for the well-being of humans and nature, for the neighborly coexistence and good development
opportunities for the future generation.

Here we introduce you to a selection of different national and international social projects, which we are currently supporting or contributed to in the past.

For further BUWOG activities around social responsibility please visit our BUWOG Blog.

Showing Commitment in the District

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For our development activities we always keep our slogan in mind: Living happily". Based on this principle we are realizing many urgent and highly demanded care offers like Kindergarten directly located in the living districts and around the area. 

In order to implement this concept, we are cooperating with recognized German providers and institutions, which also share our vision and are committed in the long run.

Discover our current Kita-construction in Berlin in the district NEUMARIEN, where kids will soon learn and play trilingually. Additionally, a new caring offer is being developed in the district 52° Nord in the Southeast of Berlin. The Kita ADMIRALFALTER will start from June 2019. 

BUWOG is also committed to provide opportunities for urban gardening as well as to establish green- and recreation areas, playgrounds and construct public trails and promenades. 

Fotocredit: Claudia Hechtenberg / BUWOG

Initiatives and Partnerships

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BUWOG pursues ambitious climate protection targets.

Since 2018 we have an energy management system certified according to "ISO 50001" and are a member of the  "VÖNIX sustainability index" and are partners in the "klima:aktiv pakt2020"

With its headquarters in Vienna, the BUWOG Group also carries the title "EcoBusiness Vienna Company" and will soon be a certified company in the scope of the "Work and Family" audit of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Family and Youth (BMFJ).

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