More than living

We consider art as an integrativ part of the BUWOG happy-living culture. An effort, which has been awarded several times.

Here you can find a selection of our cultural programs.


Art-Rescue: Mosaic


In the former culture house, Ernst Schneller - directly located at the Fließstraße in Niederschönenweide (Berlin) -  mosaics from the DDR-artist Ortraud Lerch, which were hidden under Grafitti were discovered.

By now these mosaics were professionally taken off, cleaned and stored. Later these mosaics should be presented in the new living area especially in the area around the WOHNWERK. These pieces of art are a lively memory of the industry culture of Niederschönenweide.

These motives are showing scenes of the industrial everyday life and creative- colorful interpretation of the symbolic „doves of peace“.


Wohnwerk goes Streetart

BUWOG goes Streetart.jpg

In the middle of Berlin-Niederschöneweide BUWOG WOHNWERK is being developed on an old industrial area. 

The site fence, which marks out the area from the flow line is 200 meters long and two meters high. Five artists from the area are turning the site fence into a street-art-work, which exactly matches with Berlin flair.

They all interpreted the topic transformation of the location - from an industrial area to a residential area in a different way from graffiti to painting and gluing techniques.


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